We are the proud parents of two wonderful sons on the autism spectrum.  Our youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2005.  This was the worst day of our married lives.  But instead of sitting around and feeling depressed and angry about the situation,  we forged on and vowed to make our son's lives the best we can.  Every day can have its ups and downs.  Some days we  feel like giving up,  but our faith has always given us incredible strength and hope.  In 2007,  our oldest son was diagnosed on the spectrum with pdd-nos.  Because he was not severely affected ,  we missed a lot of the signs until we enrolled him in a karate class with his peers.  It was then,  that we noticed  a definite problem.  Receiving that bad news did not affect us as  much as much as with our younger son.  We already  had the strength and knowledge to deal with the situation by that point.  We hope you find this website useful and that you may receive strength as you learn more about autism.  God bless.
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