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This movie tells about the life of Temple Grandin,  an autistic women who overcame a myriad of challenges to become a college professor and an advocate for the humane treatment of livestock.  It is encouraging to see that an autistic woman overcame her situation to do great things.
Learn about  the many challenges that  parents and children with autism face as they try to cope with their heart-wrenching situation
Since autistic children are visual learners, using a timer or clock that visually lets a child know how much time is left,  can be very useful.  With our own child, this device made transitioning from one activity to another a lot easier.  Before you consider this product,  please read the reviews both good and bad.  I found that this timer was somewhat tricky to use at first and my child did break it after dropping it on ceramic tile several times.
Our son is hypersensitive to sound.  Out in public,  he would go into tantrums if the area was too loud.  At other times, he would take his hands and plug his ears.  It was hard to get him to do much,  when he was holding his ears all the time.  Earphones made all the difference.  We were able to go places that were noisy and it freed up his hands when wearing the headphones.
These brushes worked wonders with our son.  We found that he enjoyed touching the brush and rubbing the brush across his face, hands, and arms.  When he was having a tantrum, we could use the brush to calm him by massaging his arms and face.
One of the hallmarks of autism is lack of both verbal and non- verbal communication.  This book helps to teach some non-verbal communication by showing pictures of children who are happy, sad, angry, frightened, etc.  The goal is to teach a child how to recognize what another child might be feeling based on their facial expressions.
By placing this magnet on our cars, we were approached by a lot of parents that had autistic children.  We would have never met any of these wonderful individuals had we not used the car magnet.
This ball worked wonders with our son.  We found that he enjoyed touching the ball and rubbing the ball across his face, hands, and arms.  When he was having a tantrum, we could use the ball to calm him by massaging his arms and face. 
Let the world know you are dealing with autism on a daily basis.  This shirt is by Cafepress which has a big selection of shirts pertaining to autism.
Weighted blankets can be useful to calm a child with autism.  Our son seemed to enjoy hiding under a weighted blanket when he was stressed or having a  sensory overload.
This magazine is packed full of useful information.  A lot of updated research information is provided and how that knowledge can be applied  in the home or classroom setting to benefit a child with autism.  There are also reviews of new products and books that have recently been introduced.

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