Chapter list:

  •   What is Autism?
  •   Diet: Where to Begin
  •   Supplements
  •   The Immune System and Autism
  •   Allergies and Food Sensitivities
  •   Detox
  •   Fighting Yeast/Candida
  •   Viruses/Bacteria
  •   Seizures
  •   Glutathione Production
  •   Poop: The Whole Story on Constipation
  •   Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  •   Other Problems That Respond to the Biomedical Protocol
  •   Regression
  •   Prevention of Harm ( Ensuring Your Baby is the Healthiest Possible at Birth)
  •   Vaccines
  •   Recovery
  •   Resources
  •   Generation Rescue
  •   Behavior and Remedy Chart
  •   List of Recommended Products and Where to Buy Them
  •   Medical Articles to Show Your Doctor and What Each Article Proves
  •   Books and Web Sites
  •   Online Vaccine Resources
  •   Protocols
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