There are a few different scenarios where a second opinion may need to be considered.  The first scenario occurs when parents are worried about their child's development.   The  child may have  missed many of the developmental milestones and the  parents just know something is wrong.    Their pediatrician might want to wait and see how the child progresses.   Parent intuition is usually accurate. so these parents seek out a second opinion.  Hopefully these children are late bloomers.    Should these children be diagnosed with autism ,  early intervention is extremely beneficial .   The sooner you get the diagnosis of autism, the sooner you can get treatments.
     The second scenario is that a   child receives a diagnosis of PDD-Nos (pervasive developmental disorder- not otherwise specified. )   This condition is part of the autism spectrum.  However, most insurance companies and state plans will not cover therapies for pdd-nos.   So parents will get a second opinion to see if their child truly has pdd-nos or has a more severe  form and is labeled autistic.  .  With a diagnosis of autism,  one can get insurance reimbursements a lot easier for the medical tests and treatments that are so badly needed.
     The third  scenario is that you want to confirm that the diagnosis of autism is correct.  In our  particular case, my wife and I sought out  a second opinion because we did not want to believe the original diagnosis.  We were in denial and did not understand that autism is a spectrum disorder where each autistic child can have  different combinations of symptoms and severity.   We researched autism on the Internet and came up with a list of symptoms that autistic children could have.  Our son did not seem to match a lot of these symptoms so we rationalized that the diagnosis must be wrong.  We therefore sought out a second opinion.  He again was diagnosed with autism but this gave us piece of mind and we could move on.  Later I realized that if the diagnosis was changed to pdd-nos the insurance coverage would have been adversely affected.
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