What is the biomedical approach to treating autism?    This approach tries to bring the body's internal chemistry back into balance.  A physician runs a variety of tests which can include  a blood, urine , and stool analysis.  Based on the results you add back to the body what is missing or at a low level ( vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc)  and you remove what is harmful ( mercury, lead, yeast, bacteria, etc). Improve the body's chemistry and as a result improve some of the secondary conditions associated. with autism.
Does biomedical therapy work?  There are some autistic children receiving biomedical therapies that can leave the special ed class and return to the mainstream classrooms.  Some children  have been re-evaluated and lose the diagnosis of autism .  With my children, results were not  as dramatic as this.  But what my wife and I do see,  is  that our children hardly  ever get sick since we started  the biomedical therapies.  .  No more colds or ear infections.  Before we started the therapies, we were at the pediatrician once a month for some ailment. 
What is the Gluten free and Casein free diet?
This is a diet where gluten which is  a  protein found in wheat, oats, barley, and rye and casein a protein found in milk is removed from the diet. 
What are the benefits of this diet as it relates to autism?
The benefits of the diet revolve  around what is called the  opiod excess theory.  After researchers in the late 1980's found abnormal levels of peptides in the urine of  some autistic children that they did not find in non-autistic children , the opiod excess theory was born.   Researchers proposed that certain autistic children could not completely digest  gluten and casein.  These incompletely digested proteins or peptides could be absorbed into the bloodstream  from an inflamed gastrointestinal tract where they would have an opiod or morphine like effect on the brain causing abnormal behaviors.  Eliminate gluten and casein from the diet and those peptides are not  formed thus eliminating the abnormal behaviors that could be caused.

What books can bring you up to speed on both biomedical therapies and the gluten free casein free diet?
These are the five books that I would recommend in this area.   Click on a picture of the book and it will take you to a brief summary in addition to places the books can be obtained.

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