As  parents of two children on the autistic spectrum, my wife and I  feel it is our job to do everything we can within reason to help our children get better.  We have found that autism  is not just a neurologic disease but many other systems can be involved as well.  This book is another excellent resource covering those other systems and the biomedical therapies used to treat these.  Compared with Dr. Kartzinel and Jenny McCarthy's book Healing and Preventing Autism, this book is a more technical read and is not presented in the question and answer format.  None the less,  this book offers very good information on how to improve the biochemistry of kids with autism.  For a complete chapter list click here.

Several key questions are answered that every parent of an autistic child should know about.

1.  What causes autism?  Is it a genetic problem, or an  environmental toxicity such as lead and mercury poisoning, vaccinations, viruses, gluten and casein in the diet, autoimmune disease or a combination of all.  This question is not answered directly because no one knows at this point.  All these theories are discussed on how they may play a role.   

2.  Did you know the majority of child with autism have gastrointestinal pathology and that if the digestive system is not working properly this can have a profound negative effect on immune system and brain function.

3.  So what medical tests can your child's doctor perform to see what harm  this gastrointestinal  disease is doing to the rest of the body?

4.  If you can heal the gastrointestinal tract,  you can start your autistic child on the road to recovery.  How is this done?

5.  Does your child have lead or mercury toxicity?  A lot of autistic children do.  Lead and mercury are extremely toxic to the body.   How can you find out and what can you do about it?

6.  Autistic children can  have severe  vitamin and mineral deficiencies brought on by the gastrointestinal disease.  The rest of the body and brain can be starving for these nutrients.  What can be done about it?

7.  What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how can it be beneficial to  children with autism?

8.  What is mitochondrial dysfunction and how to you test for it and treat it?

9.  Autistic children can have severe immune system malfunctions.  These can be autoimmune diseases where the immune system attacks the body or an immune system that is weak and can not fight off disease like it should.  What can be done to help the immune system?

The late Bernard Rimland , PhD and founder of the Autism Society of America wrote this about the book.  "Parents and physicians alike will welcome this timely book, treasure it, and consult it often.  Jaquelyn McCandless is a widely experienced physician and the grandmother of Chelsey, an autistic child.  Her book provides a wealth of authoritative, useful and easily understood information.  If you are interested in effective biomedical treatments for autism, you need this book."
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