Chapter list: 
Introduction:  Children with Real Medical Illnesses

Chapter 1:  Causation Models 

Chapter 2:  Gastrointestinal Pathology-Nutritional Deficiencies  

Chapter 3:  Impaired Detoxification, Toxic Accumulations, and Politics  

Chapter 4:  Clinical and Diagnostic Evaluation  

Chapter 5:  Gastrointestinal Healing  

Chapter 6:  Feeding the Starving Brain  

Chapter 7:  Removing the Heavy Metals  

Chapter 8:  Immunity, Autoimmunity, and Viruses  

Chapter 9:  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for ASD  

Chapter 10:  Latest Developments

Chapter 11:  Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Treatments 

Chapter 12:  Starving Brains,  Starving Hearts,  What Does it all Mean

Chapter 13:  Appendices

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