What yummy dishes does Silvana make?


  • S'mores pancakes with marshmallow sauce
  • Banana pancakes with warm cinnamon goo
  • Blueberry- lemon sourdough pancakes
  • Gingerbread pancakes with apple- cinnamon slaw
  • Griddled corn cakes with strawberry syrup
  • Chocloate chip-banana split belgian wafflws with wet walnuts and hot fudge sauce
  • Cinnamon toasted belgain waffles
  • Honey- nut- and - banana crepes
  • Chocolate- dipped chocolate doughnuts
  • Sugar- and -spiced doughnuts
  • Banana doughnuts with banana frosting
  • Hash brown belgain waffles with apple sausage and fried eggs
  • Onion ring-stuffed souffleed omelet
  • Scrambled eggs and ham-stuffed corn-chive crepe wraps
  • Potato-crusted bacon bits and egg pie
  • Pumpkin muffins with crumble topping
  • Carrot-pineapple muffins
  • Fruit salad muffins with lemon drizzle
  • Berry corn muffins
  • Puffy peach pancake pie with caramel maple syrup
  • Cherry turnovers with cinnamon glaze
  • Apple-brown sugar coffee cake
  • Whipped hot cocoaccino
  • Fruit smoothie

                              Starters and Salads:

  • Grilled peach BBQ chicken wings
  • Grilled sausage- stuffed portobellos
  • Baked tortilla chips with nectarine, corn and tomato salsa
  • Sloppy joe- stuffed potato skins
  • Sesame shrimp with creamy grilled scallion dip
  • Corn-shrimp fritters with creamy salsa dip
  • Buffalo chicken salad
  • Grilled molasses- glazed chicken over pineapple slaw
  • Warm fried shrimp salad with chipotle bacon dressing
  • Grilled shrimp salad with guacamole dressing and corn nuts
  • Grilled corn and tomato salad with creamed corn dressing
  • Double-decker toasted cornbread and spicy greens stack
  • Double corn cornbread
  • Grilled romaine with garlic caesar dressing and chickpea croutons
  • Arugula salad with bacon-walnut praline, pomegranate and apple cider vinaigrette
  • Spinach and roasted salad with balsamic vinaigrette
  • macaroni salad with sun-dried tomatoes and olives
  • Potato salad with pickles and mustard vinaigrette

                              Soups, rice and pasta

  • Chicken potpie soup
  • Carrot-ginger bisque
  • Mom's tomato bisque
  • Vegetable pesto soup
  • Roasted garlic-mushroom bisque with toasted hazelnuts
  • Tomato-lime black bean soup with avocado cream
  • Creamy corn chowder
  • Loaded baked potato chowder
  • Chicken rice tetrazzini with mushroom gravy and mustard crumbs
  • Asparagus risotto casserole
  • Butternut squash rice bake with toasted hazelnut-sage crunch
  • Pan-fried shrimp and caramelized scallion rice cakes
  • Portobello-rice quiche
  • Minestrone rigatoni with bacon chips
  • Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic crumbs
  • Pumpkin dumplings with bacon and radicchio
  • Fusilli with sun-dried tomato sauce
  • Penne with walnut cream sauce

                              Sandwiches and pizza

  • Meatloaf sandwiches on sun-dried tomato waffle bread
  • Egg salad remoulade on everything waffle bread
  • Griddled banana bread sandwiches with nut butter, bacon and honey
  • Mom's banana bread
  • Toasted ham-and-tomato cornbread sandwiches with jalapeno mayonnaise
  • Bread slabs
  • Chocolate-hazelnut butter on toasted chocolate chip bread slabs
  • Hummus, roasted tomato and pine nuts on olive-oregano bread slabs
  • Bialy bread slabs
  • French dip with caramelized onions and russian horseradish mayonnaise on bialy bread slabs
  • Perfect pizza crusts
  • Pepperoni pizza
  • Chicken sausage, peppers and onions pizza
  • Shrimp pizza with garlic cream sauce
  • Barbecued beef pizza
  • Fried calamari pizza with garlic and hot pepper oil
  • Grilled vegetable pesto pizza
  • Corn, jalapeno and  bacon crumb cornmeal pizza
  • Mini turkey meatball pizza

                              Main dishes

  • Chicken and waffles with maple bacon gravy
  • Mashed potato-stuffed chicken
  • Grilled ketchup-glazed chicken with potato slabs
  • Oven-fried frito chicken fingers with honey-mustard dip
  • Roasted mushroom-stuffed chicken marsala
  • Rosemary-garlic roast chicken with root vegetables
  • Turkey potpie pockets
  • Root bear-glazed roasted turkey with rosemary, cinnamon and cayenne
  • Grilled sweet-and-sour apple slaw-topped burgers
  • Jambalaya-stuffed peppers with scallion crumbs
  • Penny's sticky pineapple-brown sugar barbecued ribs
  • Pineapple-brown sugar barbeque sauce
  • Maple-mustard pork loin with roasted potatoes
  • Pork and beans with butternut squash ragu
  • Roasted red pepper-crusted salsa meatloaf pie with tortilla chip crumbs
  • Roast beef with horseradish sauce
  • Grilled BBQ onion-smothered double bacon burgers
  • Grilled spiced skirt steak tacos
  • Spinach-stuffed braciola with tomato gravy
  • Sweet chile salmon with jalapeno slaw
  • Scampi-stuffed roasted shrimp
  • Grilled shrimp with chickpea-rosemary relish
  • Fried sole with creamy lemon-pickle relish
  • Black bean, corn and yellow rice enchiladas with guacamole and red chile sauce

                              Vegetables and sides

  • Oven-fried french fries
  • Creamed olive oil-mashed potatoes
  • Rosemary-garlic potato cake
  • Bacon-apple cornbread stuffing
  • Baked onions with garlic-mustard crumbs
  • Marshmallow-topped yam-and-chipotle bake
  • Florentine cake with tomato-garlic gratin
  • Corn pudding pie with sausage succotash
  • Pumpkin pie-spiced cider-glazed roasted carrots
  • Cranberry-rosemary walnut crumble
  • Roasted sugar snap peas
  • Grilled asparagus with creamy lemon dip


  • Chewy chocolate chunk cookies
  • Double chocolate-cherry thumbprint cookies
  • Lemon cream-stuffed gingerbread whoopie pies
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Nut butter-and-jelly cookie cups
  • Rocky road rice crispy treats
  • German chocolate pecan pie bars
  • Super fudge brownies
  • Chocolate-covered marble loaf cake
  • Peach-maple upside-down corn cake
  • Raspberry-lemon meringue layer cake
  • Chocolate birthday cake with whipped chocolate frosting
  • Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting
  • Toasted marshmallow-topped pumpkin ice cream pie with a gingerbread cookie crust
  • Chocolate mousse cloud pie with a chocolate cookie crust
  • Double-crusted double apple pie
  • All-purpose pie crust
  • Strawberry swirl ice cream with chocolate-dipped waffle cones
  • Chocolate-dipped waffle cones
  • Brown sugar-pecan ice cream snickerdoodle sandwiches
  • Caramel corn chocolate-pecan bark

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