The first book  covering biomedical therapies that I would recommend is Healing and Preventing Autism by Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel M.D.  The thing I liked most  about the book  is it's format .  Jenny McCarthy will ask a question in everyday language and Dr. Jerry, who is a DAN Doctor( Defeat Autism Now)  will answer the question in  slightly more technical detail but not in the phd medical jargon that a lot of people find difficult to comprehend. The book is broken down into several chapters covering the major categories of biomedical therapies.  To see a complete list of chapters, click here.

     One chapter  discusses diet and how a special diet can be beneficial to an autistic child.  One such diet is the gluten free/ casein free diet( no wheat and no dairy)  Many autistic children drastically improve when you eliminate wheat and dairy from the diet.

     Chapter three discusses supplements.  Many autistic children have gastrointestinal inflammation and  as a result problems absorbing nutrients.  These deficiencies can be discovered on blood profiles and your doctor can tailor make a supplementation program. You will also learn about how the body detoxifies and why some autistic kids cannot.  A brief introduction into mercury and lead toxicity is discussed and how chelation therapy can be helpful.  Mercury and lead are two of the most toxic elements and can be found in high levels in autistic children

     Vaccinations and autism.  Dr Jerry will give his opinion on vaccinations of infants and young children. He is not anti- vaccine but questions the usefulness of certain shots and the timing on which they are given    He believes that certain vaccines that are given routinely to infants  may do more harm than good.  He give his recommendations on what vaccines to give in the first two years of life .  There is a brief discussion on the Hepatitis B, Hib, Tetanus,  MMR, and Flu vaccines, as well as warning signs you should be aware of in your child to stop  or postpone vaccinations.  You will also learn about antibody titers versus revaccination.

     This book is full of useful information that will bring you up to speed on the biomedical therapies that could be helpful for your autistic child.

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