Step One:  Learn the Basics of Autism
A.  Definition of autism
B.  How is autism diagnosed ?
C.  What signs will you see in a child with autism ?
D.  Do you need a second opinion about the diagnosis ?
E.  Recommended books  to introduce you to autism

           1.  Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes you
           2.   Autism for Dummies
Step Two:   Start Early Intervention as Soon as Possible

A.  Find out about your local DDD services for early intervention
B.  Find out about DAN Doctors( Defeat Autism Now) in your     
C. Contact local Support groups
Step Three:  Learn about Biomedical Therapies

A.  What is a biomedical therapy?
B.  What is the gluten free and dairy free diet (GF/CF diet)?
C.  Recommended  books to read about biomedical therapies.

            1. Healing and Preventing Autism
            2. Children with Starving Brains
            3. Special Diets for Special Kids
            4. Special Diets for Special Kids Two
            5. Cooking for Isaiah
Step Four:   Learn about Traditional and Non-Traditional Therapies

A.  What is Occupational Therapy?
B.  What is Physical Therapy?
C.  What is Speech Therapy?
D.  What is ABA,  Floortime, RDI?
E.  What is Hippotherapy?
F.  What is Music Therapy?
G.  Recommended Books to read about Traditional Therapies

            1. The Child With Special Needs

Step Five:  Take Care of Yourself and the Family

A.  50% of first  marriages in the United States eventually end in divorce.
     Don't let autism destroy your marriage.                                           
B.  Recommended books to strengthen your marriage
            1.  Married With Special Needs Children
            2.  Autism Mom's Survival Guide

Step Six :  How Are You Going To Pay  For The Therapies?

A.  Private pay or out of pocket
B.  Private Health Insurance
C.  Early Intervention Programs
D.  Local School Systems
E.  Medicaid
F.  Social Security Income
G.  Department of Disability in your state

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