This  book is a good sequel to the first Special Diets for Special Kids  book.  Stephen Edelson, Ph.D, Director of the Center for the Study of Autism wrote "The writings of Lisa Lewis have made a huge impact on the field of autism.  As an educator and a parent, Dr. Lewis has  been instrumental in describing the issues of gluten and casein sensitivities, and how these problems affect the behavior of autistic individuals.  She has changed the lives of many autistic individuals and their families.  Through this book, Dr. Lewis will likely change the lives of many others."

There are about 185 recipes in the book broken down into various categories.  Linda Lewis again starts her book with  an informative introductory chapter.  Is this chapter you will learn why putting an autistic child on a Gluten free and Casein free diet can be beneficial.  She  addresses the possibility  of allergies to soy and corn and what strategies can be used to determine if they are present. The following questions are also answered.

  • How long must we do this diet?  Is it life-long?
  • How long will it be until I see results?
  • Should I make my kids go cold turkey and start the diet?
  • If it's not helping, when is it okay to quit?
  • What about vitamins?
  • Will this diet help with other disorders.
  • What about yeast?  Should my child be sugar free?

The recipes  are then broken down into the following  chapters  :  Drinks,  Breakfast , Lunchbox Favorites,  Main Dishes, Holiday Fare, Snacks and Goodies,  Cookies and Desserts,  and  Odds and Ends.  For a complete list of the dishes made in this book click here.

The appendix of the book is also full of useful information.  The Chapter  titled The Essential Gluten Free/ Casein free Kitchen makes recommendations on what type of kitchen equipment is useful for these recipes and the chapter The Gluten Free/ Casein free Pantry will show you what products  have  hidden sources of gluten and what dairy products and ingredients should be  avoided. 

The appendix chapter that is really  useful  is  the one titled  Finding a Good Gluten Free Bread.  When my family switched to this diet , trying to find a bread that did not taste like cardboard was the most challenging thing  Most of the commercial breads were just awful.  Add this book to your autism library.
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