Chapter List:

Section One: Discovering Each Child's Unique Strengths, Developmental Capacities, and Challenges

  • Moving beyond the Label
  • Biological Challenges
  • Observing Each Child: Biological Challenges and Strengths
  • The Six Milestones
  • Observing Each Child: The Six Milestones
  • Observing Yourselves
  • Emotion and Interaction

Section Two: Encouraging Emotional and Intellectual Growth

  • The Floor-Time  Approach
  • Floor Time I:  Attention, Engagement, and Intimacy
  • Floor Time II: Two-Way Communication
  • Floor Time III:  Feelings and Ideas
  • Floor Time IV: Logical Thinking
  • Strengthening Biologically Based Processing Abilities
  • Going to Sleep, Toilet Training, and Other Difficult Challenges
  • Special-Needs Syndrome

Section Three: Family, Therapy, and School

  • Marital Challenges
  • Family Challenges
  • An Integrated Approach to Therapy
  • School and Other Children
  • What Can We Expect

Appendix A: Floor-Time Strategies: A Quick Reference

Appendix B: Food Sensitivities and Chemical Exposures

Appendix C: Developmental Patterns and Outcomes in Infants and Children with Disorders of Relating and Communicating: A Chart Review of 200 Cases of Children with Autistic Spectrum Diagnoses

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